Staffordshire Moorlands Green Party

County Council Election Results - May 2021

Thank you everyone who voted for a Green Party candidate in the recent Council Elections

  • Caverswall - Andrew Sharrock - 261 votes (8.5%)

  • Leek Rural - Jonathan Kempster - 330 votes - (8.2%)

  • Churnet Valley - Helen Stead - 396 votes - (10.7%)

  • Cheadle & Checkley - Dannie Vickerstaff - 187 votes (6%)

  • Biddulph North - Ian Waite - 213 votes (6.7%)  

We also stood in the Cheadle District Council by-elections - well done to Dan Mayers (31 votes) and Dannie Vickerstaff (18 votes)

The Green Party seeks to create a more sustainable way of life and ensure social justice for all. We are committed to addressing the threat of climate change and also to ensure that every individual is able to live a decent, safe and fulfilling life – benefiting from nourishing food, clean air, high quality housing, and freely accessible education and health care systems.

We support candidates in both national and local elections to represent local people and their communities. We press governments to pursue the policies that will best serve the ambitions of the whole community. We look beyond the short-term issues of the moment, offering a long-term strategy for a sustainable future.

At the local level, we are always looking for new members to join us. We try to ensure that more Green councillors are elected to help us towards our goal of a more sustainable future. As we build on our recent great election results, we set out our framework of policies in six sections, as displayed on the Policies page.


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Action on climate change

Only Greens have a record of speaking up for action strong enough to tackle the climate change emergency.

Social Justice

Greens are passionate about building a country where everyone has a good quality of life.

Our community

Community is at the heart of everything Greens do.